Update June 2015:

Sukhee Kang is now running for State Senate. Please click here to go through to the Sukhee Kang for State Senate website. http://www.kangforsenate.com/.

California's 45th Congressional District:

Orange County is comprised of 34 incorporated cities and 15 unincorporated communities. There is no major city that defines Orange County. It's considered to be part of the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas.

The borders that define Orange County are the Pacific Ocean on the Southwest, Los Angeles County on the North, San Bernardino and Riverside counties on the Northeast and San Diego County on the Southeast. The Northwestern part of Orange County is bordered by the Los Angeles Basin and the Santa Ana Mountains border the Southeastern area. The Santa Ana River flows through the middle of the region from Northeast to Southwest. Read more about Orange County here.

Riverside County has a total area of 7,303.13 square miles. 7,207.3 square miles or 98.69% is land and 95.76 square miles or 1.31% is water. It's roughly the size of New Jersey in area. The county encompasses approximately 28 incorporated cities and 29 unincorporated areas.

Orange County borders Riverside County on the West and Lapaz County Arizona borders on the East. San Diego County borders the Southwest, Imperial County borders the Southeast and San Bernardino County borders the North. The county is mostly desert in the central and eastern areas with a mild climate in the West. Read more about Riverside County here.

Sukhee Kang

Sukhee Kang was a devoted Californian politician in many respects. His most noted accomplishment was being the first Korean American to serve as Mayor for the city of Irvine California.

Sukhee was born to a merchant family in Seoul South Korea on September 15, 1952. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in agricultural economics in Korea, he and his wife Joanne immigrated to the United States in 1977. In 2011 he received an honorary Doctorate's degree In Business Administration from Dongseo University located in Busan South Korea.

Sukhee began his career in the United States as a customer service representative for Circuit City. He dutifully held that position for 15 years from 1977 to 1992. From 1992 forward Suhhee served as a volunteer for the Korean American Scholarship Foundation. He was also a member of the Korean American Community Foundation and the Orange County Korean American Corporation. He also served as President of the Korean American Democratic Committee.

Read more about Sukhee Kang here.

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